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Meet the Team

Meet the team of students behind every workshop offered who are determined to revolutionize STEM education.

Our Executive Board


Allison Eisenberg

Founder and President

Allie Eisenberg is a first-year student at Columbia University, Barnard College where she is majoring in Computer Science. She graduated from Glen Rock High School in Glen Rock, NJ in 2022.

Allie has been taking additional STEM courses, including programs like the W.E.B. Du Bois Scholars Institute Accelerated Learning Academy at Princeton University, Artificial Intelligence and Technology Track. Additionally, she has completed the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program and attended the CURIE Academy at Cornell University. To build a better technical foundation, she completed the AP Computer Science course as an independent study through Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and earned a certificate in Python through Coursera. 

Allie also enjoys teaching olympiad math classes at the International Chess Academy, where she has been working since her freshman year. Utilizing her earlier experience, she interned at the GenCyber camp, sponsored by the National Security Agency (NSA). As part of next steps, she has been invited to serve as a student liaison for an NSA sponsored cybersecurity high school program. Allie volunteers as part of STEM focused organizations: STEM You Can!, where she is the Director of Computer Science and Bit by Bit, where she is an ambassador. 

Allie is passionate about the mission of  STEM Mindset and is looking forward to collaborating with other members of the organization to continue growing its community and program offerings. 

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Alice Lisak

Alice Lisak is a first-year at Duke University. She graduated from Westfield High School, in Westfield New Jersey in 2022. She has taken accelerated courses in high school for all STEM academics and computer science AP courses. Alice is an avid participant in Girls Go Cyber and America CyberStart - national cybersecurity competitions. She is the founder and director of WHS's first Cybersecurity Club. Alice has developed and completed two artificial intelligence projects with the Inspirit AI program of Stanford University, developing her machine learning skills. Alice has since become an Ambassador for Inspirit AI. She is an ambassador for a separate initiative - Bit By Bit - working to minimize the gender gap in STEM. She has created and taught coding classes with several organizations. Alice completed the Girls Who Code program and RISE Research program at A. James Clark School of Engineering. Alice is passionate about teaching others; She is a teacher’s assistant at a local Sunday school, volunteers as a counselor for a summer engineering camp - Camp Invention, and is a certified dance teacher at NJY Camps. Besides coding and teaching, Alice is a competitive dancer and enjoys reading, hiking, and skiing. Through STEM Mindset, Alice wishes to share her knowledge in computer science with kids through an inspiring and enjoyable environment.

Vice President

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Bhavini Pandey

Executive Director of Outreach

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Bhavini Pandey is a junior at the Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies. She is interested in computer science, artificial intelligence, research, and data science. Bhavini is a part of many STEM organizations, such as Bit by Bit (where she is an ambassador), which help to bring more female representation in STEM fields. She has also worked on multiple artificial intelligence and coding projects, including a COVID-19 mortality rate predictor. In addition, Bhavini has taken many accelerated courses in the STEM field. She has attended as well as conducted coding workshops, and especially enjoys working with and teaching kids, which she has done through organizations such as STEMninjas and Bit by Bit. In her free time, Bhavini enjoys singing Indian Classical music as well as Choral music, painting, reading, coding, and playing the piano.


Haoran (Sara) Li

Executive Director of Technology

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Sara Li is a senior at Troy High School, Michigan. She became passionate in STEM  since a very young age, emerging herself in a variety of STEM related fields. She has taken many accelerated courses at her high school, such as mathematics and science. Among all, she especially enjoys learning computer science, currently learning Harvard CS50 and AP Computer science principles. Sara is also involved in many STEM related clubs: she is a member of her school's Science National Honor Society, Computer Science Club, and Biology Competition Club. Besides STEM, she also enjoys bridging the relationship between seniors and students in her community, leading 60+ members to do volunteering and fundraising events. During her free time, Sara likes to play piano, run, and read.

Our Directors

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Pranavi Kamana

Director of Outreach

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Pranavi Kamana is a junior at Seneca Valley High School in Germantown, Maryland. With a strong passion for STEM, she hopes to continue building on her knowledge of different topics and subjects. As she is a part of her school's IT/Cybersecurity program, she immerses herself in advanced STEM courses and engages in multiple STEM related clubs and extracurriculars. Along with that she hopes to be able to get more underrepresented youth into STEM as the Director of Outreach. Some other interests of hers include: photography, politics/civic engagement, and traveling.

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Shiloh Smith

Director of Mentorship

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Shiloh Smith is a senior from Nassau, the Bahamas. Shiloh is no stranger to volunteering as he regularly spends his time doing community service from teaching children at a local orphanage to helping to preserve native species at a wildlife conservation center. Shiloh is also the president and founder of the computer science club at his high school. Among one the first in the nation, the club provides an opportunity for students to learn and collaborate on programming projects. He has won first place in the countries' national Hackathon and he has also had the opportunity to present student-made programming projects to the Deputy Prime Minister of the Bahamas. 


Tara Kamshad

Director of Technology

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Tara Kamshad is a junior at The Dalton School in New York City. Her passion for STEM began in middle school when she attended classes and workshops with The Coding Space. Since then, she has familiarized herself with various CS languages, such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Java. She is also a Social Media Director for the Bit by Bit conference, and works with them to promote opportunities for girls interested in STEM. Besides coding, Tara is a competitive soccer player, and is passionate about coaching young children. 


Abigail Reznikov

Program Coordinator

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Abigail Reznikov is a senior at Glen Rock High School, New Jersey. She has taken many accelerated courses, such as those in science and math, and is a member of the National Honor Society and the Science National Honor Society. She is part of the Bio Team and an organizer for the Interact club at her school. Interact is a fundraising club and this year, its focus has shifted to raising awareness for dementia. Abigail also has experience tutoring younger kids and has participated in Junior Virtual Volunteering for Valley Hospital during the recent pandemic. Aside from academics, Abigail is on the varsity volleyball team for her high school and is on the Wild Acres swim team. In her free time, Abigail enjoys playing soccer, tennis, and drawing.


Lea Smolyanskiy

Program Coordinator

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Lea Smolyanskiy is a Senior at Bergen County Academies and is from Fair Lawn, New Jersey. She enjoys playing tennis and has been captain of the Junior Varsity team since her Sophomore year. Lea is also a competitive dancer at Dance Company Debut. She volunteers for the Red Cross and participates in competitions like the Wharton Global High School Investing Challenge and DECA. Lea also teaches math to elementary and middle school kids at Mathnasium. She is passionate about helping kids achieve their goals and pursue their interests. Lea is currently pursuing the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. She also enjoys and competes in Public Forum Debate. This summer Lea completed the Bossgirls program and attended National Symposium for Debate's camp. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family and traveling. Lea is very excited to be a part of the STEM Mindset team.


Alessia Jakoel

Graphic Designer

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Alessia is a resident of Monmouth County, New Jersey. She currently goes to Biotechnology High School, where she is an active member of the National Honors Society and the Students of Service club. She loves math and taught several math classes via zoom for a program based in Orlando. In addition to STEM, she is passionate about playing the piano and rock climbing. She has recently competed at a regional rock climbing competition in Philadelphia alongside her team members! Alessia also loves volunteering and just recently finished helping plan and create a butterfly garden for the Interact club she is a part of. 


Prabhas Kurapati

Director of Finance

Prabhas Kurapati is a rising senior at Rickards High School in Florida. He's very interested in many STEM subjects, including computer science, machine learning, chemistry, and psychology. He's an active member of his school's Science Olympiad and Mu Alpha Theta programs, organizing national-level competitions for both. He regularly spends time giving back to his community through various STEM activities, including tutoring students in his local community in various STEM subjects through the National Honor Society at his school and leading the development of various programming curricula as curriculum design lead at Robotics for All, another national 501(c)3 nonprofit aimed at bringing STEM education to marginalized communities. Prabhas has taken many accelerated programming courses, including many courses through his school's AP program, and courses through his local university. In his free time, Prabhas loves to play many different video games and listen to music.

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Andrew Eisenberg

Director of Finance & Engineering

Andrew Eisenberg is a sophmore at Glen Rock High School in Glen Rock, NJ. He is interested in computer science, engineering, and finance. He is taking accelerated courses and participating in many extracurricular activities that involve STEM. He participated in the John Hopkins Center For Talented Youth summer camp where he studied the Physics of Engineering. Most recently, he participated in the GenCyber Camp Cryptobot sponsored by the NSA and the NSF to learn about cybersecurity. He is involved in school clubs including debate, forensics, and robotics. He is very adventures and loves to play soccer, tennis and ski.

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Domenica Simbana 

Director of Marketing

Domenica is a Senior at Flanagan High School, Florida.  After having the opportunity to take a Computer Science college course, she fell in love with programming. Since then, she has pursued the STEM field by becoming the Vice President of Mu Alpha Theta, Historian of Science National Honor Society, and Historian of National Honor Society. Outside of school, she strives to encourage women and nonbinary people to participate in STEM by organizing a TechTogether hackathon for marginalized genders. In addition to STEM, she loves to dance and play the guitar. She finds music a very crucial part of her life since it allows her to express herself in various ways. Also, Domenica has a golden retriever named DJ, who she loves very much!


Nancy Yao

Director of Newsletter

Nancy Yao is a rising senior at Troy High School in Troy, Michigan. She has a strong dedication to STEM topics and has immersed herself in advanced STEM classes since middle school, especially math and science-related coursework. As an active member of her school's chapter of the National Honor Society and volunteering clubs, she stays active in her community and feels strongly about helping her community however she can, especially when it comes to making sure STEM is accessible to as many people as possible. Nancy loves science, specifically biology and chemistry, and she also frequently helps other students with those classes after school. In addition, she enjoys competing in HOSA every year and attending science or volunteering extracurriculars after school. In her free time, she loves to play flute and tennis, listen to different genres of music, and read!

Our Workshop Leaders


Eliz So

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Eliz So is going to be an university student in the coming September. She is interested in computer science, machine learning, application development and mathematics. Outside school, Eliz is a member of Hong Kong’s Young IT Ambassador Award Student OC, a chief IT officer at Queer Youth Rises and an ambassador and a junior columnist of The Written Revolutions which raises awareness of different social issues. She has also worked with different projects, such as AR iOS applications, machine learning, mathematical modelling and helped out with creating her school’s newsletter website for students. She has also attended and conducted different programming workshops and lessons, in which she helps out teaching Python and Swift to her younger classmates. Other than STEM, Eliz is interested in photography, music, business and politics. 

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Mirabel Zou

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Mirabel Zou is a sophomore attending Glenforest Secondary School’s International Baccalaureate program. She is passionate about technology, the sciences, and maths and aspires to pursue the field of chemistry and education in the future. She’s an ambassador of the Power Unit Youth Organization and a promotions team member at STEM organization Innovire. In her free time, she loves to compete in business and technology-related competitions. She has won first place in the Innovation Challenge at Expand Youth Society, and third place in the spring Ideathon with Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs. She is the co-founder of Yougen, an app that connects small businesses to high school/post-secondary students, allowing them to help each other thrive during the pandemic. Yougen has earned approval from the public to be a part of the start-up, Social Impact Catalyst powered by RBC Future Launch, receiving a $2,000 honorarium to support the project development. She also has experience teaching both Chinese Mandarin, English, and math lessons to younger students in her community. 

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Andrew Eisenberg

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Andrew Eisenberg is a sophmore at Glen Rock High School in Glen Rock, NJ. He is interested in computer science, engineering, and finance. He is taking accelerated courses and participating in many extracurricular activities that involve STEM. He participated in the John Hopkins Center For Talented Youth summer camp where he studied the Physics of Engineering. Most recently, he participated in the GenCyber Camp Cryptobot sponsored by the NSA and the NSF to learn about cybersecurity. He is involved in school clubs including debate, forensics, and robotics. He is very adventures and loves to play soccer, tennis and ski.

Our Debate Team

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Eli Zizlis

Eli Zislis is a senior at Bergen County Technical Schools - Teterboro in the aerospace engineering academy. He has taken many accelerated courses through High School and is part of the National Honor Society. In an independent STEM venture, Eli is a participant in the Spellman CleanTech Competition where he designed an optimized method of producing voltage from aloe vera plants. For the past 6 years, Eli has debated under Bergen County Debate Club, where he reached the national stage in numerous tournaments. For the past 9 months, he has volunteered to teach students the art of debate during after school programs for underprivileged kids. Outside of academics, Eli is the captain of his school's volleyball team and plays soccer for his town. In his free time, he loves to argue, host campfires, and tinker with unused electronics.

Director of Debate

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